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By: Phanel
Date: 07-06-13
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Is Jozy Altidore a perfect fit for Sunderland? by PhanelTV  
I have been a fan of Jozy Altidore since he started playing for the New York Red Bulls. I had never seen a young American striker as energetic, and talented as Jozy. I have been following Jozy for years even through his worse struggles as a footballer - pretty much when everybody else wrote him off after his premature transfer to Villarreal FC, Spain. You don't become great in soccer overnight, it takes years of dedication, hard work , and learning. A club signing young players must be willing to invest the time to develop them.
While Villarreal has failed Altidore, he was lucky enough to get transferred to AZ Alkmaar. It was without a doubt the best move for Jozy. The club took the time to actually coached Altidore and allow him to develop. As a result Altidore became one of the deadliest striker in the Eredivisie (Dutch League). Of course, Jozy supporters such as myself not only have high expectations, but the belief that Altidor will deliver.
I can't quiet say the same about his critics, a lot of people have doubts about Jozy Altidor and question whether he will deliver for Sunderland. Will he get along  with Sundeland Manager Paolo Di Canio? Sunderland has an explosive and exciting manager, I have never seen a manager as excited when his team scores a goal or wins a match. But he is also known for having a personality that some players find too intimidating and confrontational. In addition, will Jozy be able to handle the fans and the aggressive EPL players who will say anything to throw you off your game and get you ejected, Suarez is certainly not the only one. 

I think Jozy is more mature now. I don't expect him to act as foolish and as immature as he did while he was at Hull City when he butt headed Sunderland's Alan Hunton, the same team he is now joining.
While Jozy was at AZ, he has experienced racist abuse from the opposing fans. Martin Luther King would have been proud of Jozy's reaction:  "The way I was raised, we never looked at black and white. My family has always stressed to me, yes, you will come against things that are different for a young black kid growing up. Let's be honest about that, we're still not over that. But at the same time, they always told me you can't judge anybody by their color. You have to respect everybody for who they are and what they stand for."
"For me, I just felt maybe those [racist fans], that was left out when they were brought up, or maybe it's something their families didn't focus on. I can't speak on their behalf, but I just have to hope they become better as people and improve themselves. At the end of the day, it's not going to help if you have grown men talking like that. They have children, those guys in the stands, so it would help if they fixed that problem."
Jozy usually struggles with the US National team because of lack of service, not many players can pass the ball like Mayer of AZ Alkmaar who is also leaving AZ for a transfer to PSV. Lately Jozy has been scoring for the National team because he gets the ball. He has shown repeatedly that he can score if he does receive the ball. He is a beast, physically strong, he can faint, dribble and has a very powerful shot which is exactly what Sunderland needs. Sunderland finished 17 overall in the English Premier League and I expect them to do better with the arrival of Jozy. Soccer is a team sport and Sunderland has been pretty busy signing up players to align with Jozy. 

Jozy has grown mentally and physically over the years, he is an exceptional player and a great fit for struggling Sunderland. By signing Jozy, Sunderland has suddenly gained a number of fans chanting from the US "Go Black Cats". Sunderland is scheduled to play their first game against Fulham on Saturday August 17th, 2013 at the Stadium of Light (Home) and we will all be watching from the US on NBC Sports. CongratulationsJozy Altidor!!!!!!

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